Artificial Beams - Oak and other woods

We can create a room that is cosy and full of "Olde World Charm" in a matter of days. The ceiling beams are produced by preparing the structure to be concealed, applying a plaster mix and then hand sculpting the plaster to recreate an authentic real wooden beam effect down to the last detail. After the beam has been carved, it is finished in one of a range of colours to simulate or match the wood of your choice. Every detail of a real beam, the cracks, the knot's and the colour is lovingly hand crafted to create a finished product which amazes customers, guests and even building surveyors!

Each beam is unique in design, no moulds are used and all are hand carved in situ creating a fire resistant final product. They can be used to cover up RSJ's (Reinforced Steel Joyce), concrete lintels and steel support wires or be added to create a stunning design feature!

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